Classic Soxhlet Apparatus

With a reputation for quality products, the Classic Soxhlet Apparatus boasts tried and tested C. Gerhardt quality for manual determination of fat content in food and feeds. The instrument is considered a serial heating unit with six individually adjustable heaters, interchangeable top molds, and air bath inserts. 


The Classic Soxhlet Apparatus is C. Gerhardt’s traditional apparatus for determining fat content in food and feeds using the Soxhlet method. Its serial heating unit features 6 individually adjustable heaters.

Compact and Efficient

With six individual hotplates, with varying flask sizes and a maximum temperature of 425 Celsius, the instrument is ideal for manual fat extraction using the Soxhlet method. The unit reserves minimum benchtop space and is lightweight for easy maneuvering around the laboratory.  

Multiple Accessories Available

If any additional pieces of glassware or tubing are required, Soxhlet Apparatus accessories are available upon request. Please see the list of accessories below. And more accessories are available upon request. 

  • Holder for Soxhlet glass parts
  • Cooling water feed pipe, 6 places, for apparatus
  • Soxhlet glass set – 3 pieces, 500 ml
    •    1 Flat Bottom Flask – 250 ml
    • 1 Coiled Tube Condenser
    • 1 Extractor – 150 ml
  • Extraction thimbles
  • Interchangeable top mold 
  • Airbath insert 
  • Support rods