IR M2/M3 Wide-range IR Microscopes


Spectrum registration modes


  • Transmission

  • Reflection (specular and ATR)



Two built-in detectors

  • MCT with nitrogen cooling

  • MG-32M (DLaTGS analog)
IR M3 high-end wide-range IR microscope



Revolver mechanism allows to combine several special objectives


  • ATR objective 

  • IR objective

  • Visual objective

The microscope is mounted outside the cell compartment close to the spectrometer.

The visual channel is overlaying with IR channel for sample observation (aiming) and IR spectrum registration.

For sample observation, there are eyepieces and built-in video camera installed.


IR M2 wide-range IR microscope


Rectangular and iris diaphragms allow to select IR spectrum registration area. Rectangular diaphragms made of special glass opaque in wide IR range are the most convenient.

IR M2 and IR M3 IR microscopes allow to register spectrum from 10 µm and 5 µm samples respectively.