IROS 03 Extendable FTIR Spectrometer


IROS 03 Fourier infrared spectrometer is designed to record absorption spectra of solid, liquid, and gaseous substances in the near and medium IR region (including drugs, varnishes and paints, oil products, pharmaceuticals, polymer films, and fibers) with their subsequent identification, as well as for qualitative and quantitative analysis of mixtures containing several components.


Main Advantages


  • Unique misalignment-free, humidity and temperature change resistant Double Cat’s Eye interferometer

  • Sealed drainable optical unit

  • The ability to expand the spectral range using additional radiation sources, detectors and beam splitters

  • Three ports for connecting external devices

  • Great variety of extension modules


Spectral range

5 700 – 470 cm-1 with ZnSe beam splitter;
8 500 – 470 cm-1 with DLaTGS;
7 900 – 350 cm-1 with KBr beam splitter and photodetector window

Beam splitter

ZnSe, Diamond, KBr

Double Cat’s Eye



Light source


Spectral resolution

0,4 cm-1

Signal-to-noise ratio≥ 50 000
(RMS in the range 2 200 – 2 000 cm-1, per 1 min, resolution 4 cm-1)
Connection of IR Microscopes

IR M2/M3

Sealed housing


Control electronics

USB interface and self-test device

External optical output


Extension modulesMulti-purpose ATR/SDR module, specular and diffuse reflection module with 45°/15° beam angle, focusing module with adjustable stage, multiple ATR module, cell with temperature controller, focusing module with liquid cell, focusing module with parabolic optics, cooled MCT detector


18 kg

Dimensions of main unit

630 × 305 × 210 mm