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Why the Solinst LevelVent is a Great Choice:

  • Vented version of our popular Levelogger®
  • Accurate (0.05%FS) water level data
  • 10 year battery based on 1 reading per minute
  • No desiccants to replace
  • Solinst 3 year warranty
  • Extremely durable vented cable
  • Custom blowout fitting for easy vented cable maintenance
  • Complete compatibility with Levelogger accessories and Solinst telemetry systems

The LevelVent is designed to provide instantly accurate water level data. Without the need for barometric compensation, the data is 2x more accurate than our Levelogger water level dataloggers. If you need true water level data right on site, to depths of 500 ft without running any data compensation routines, the LevelVent is for you.