LV-20 Standards Addition Module

The LV-20 Standards Addition Module pairs with our Model 4551A Autosampler to improve accuracy and precision of GC-GC-MS analyses, while minimizing standard usage and decreasing laboratory costs of expensive standards.

Designed as an option for the 4551A Autosampler, the LV-20 Standards Addition Module injects programmed volumes (1, 2, 5, 10, or 20 µL) of internal standard, surrogate, or matrix spike standards to improve the accuracy and precision of GC-GC-MS analyses. The LV-20 is equipped with high-speed injection valves which inject user-programmed volumes of standard with no excess overfill volume that fixed-loop based systems require to operate. All LV-20 functions are programmed using the intuitive touchscreen and Windows® CE software on the Eclipse 4760 Purge-and-Trap Sample Concentrator.

Consider using the LV-20 for these applications: GC and GC-MS analysis of volatile compounds (VOCs), drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, storm water, volatile petroleum hydrocarbons  (VPH), oxygenates, 17+ USEPA-approved methods, ASTM and standard methods, and VPH and GRO Methods.

LV-20 Features:

  • Automatically adds internal standards, surrogate, or matrix spike standards at operator-defined intervals
  • Significantly reduces the volume of standards used in GC-MS analysis
  • Amber glass reservoirs protect standards from UV light degradation
  • Mounts directly on top of a 4551A Autosampler
  • Dry erase panel for noting active standards on the instrument
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