MaOS AxiSpec ion mobility spectrometer

MaOS AxiSpec: Gases and Liquid Analyzer Based on Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry


Application area


  • health care
  • drug discovery
  • pharmacy
  • environmental monitoring
  • forensic science
  • homeland security

Technical performance


  • The patented design of the device is a combination of a multifunctional sample introduction and ionization system, drift tube ion mobility spectrometer and sector TOF mass spectrometer with orthogonal acceleration
  • Multifunction sample introduction and ionization system works with both integrated ion sources and external available engineering solutions. Integrated ionization platform allows to use electrospray (ESI), atmosphere pressure chemical ionization (APCI), atmosphere pressure photoionization (APPI)
  • The high-resolution ion mobility spectrometer provides maximum selectivity compared to existing commercial instruments


Mobility resolving power70 – 120 (measured as td/dt1/2)
Drift tube temperature20 – 250°C
Axial TOF mass analyzer

with sector field can allow better sampling efficiency comparing other energy focusing orthogonal acceleration TOF analyzers

Mass range

20 – 1000 Da (higher mass ranges can be measured if the difference between times-of-flight for lowest and highest masses does not exceed 48 µsec)

Mass resolving power2000 (FWHM)
Detection limitsrelative 4*10-9 M, absolute 7*10-15 Mol (for 2,6-DtBP during 100 sec)
Mass accuracy5 ppm
Data collectionreal-time integrating transient recorder based on 655 MHz 8 bit analog-to-digital converter
Weight100 kg
Dimensions60 cm (wide) x 80 cm (deep) x 130 cm (tall)
Softwarecontrol of instrumental parameters, data collection and processing

[A.A. Sysoev, D.M. Chernyshev, S.S. Poteshin, A.V. Karpov, O.I. Fomin, A.A. Sysoev, Development of an atmospheric pressure ion mobility spectrometer – mass spectrometer with an orthogonal acceleration electrostatic sector TOF mass analyzer, Analytical Chemistry, 2013, 85 (19), 9003–9012]