RAMOS E/M Series

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3D scanning laser Raman microscopes provide rapid, high sensitivity analysis and unprecedented convenience in use

RAMOS E/M Series Raman spectrometers are designed on the basis of research grade optical microscopes allowing the realization of the following light microscopy methods:


  • Raman measurements
  • Transmitted light
  • Reflected light (bright field and dark field illumination)
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Fluorescence measurements
  • Polarization contrast and phase contrast imaging
  • Differential interference contrast

The innovative approach to system design of Raman spectrometers ensures extremely high temperature and temporal stability of spectral measurements.

All components of RAMOS E200 system are fully integrated within an optical microscope providing compactness and mobility of the system.

In RAMOS M350, M520, M750 systems external imaging spectrographs are connected via optical fibers.

Raman measurements with the RAMOS E/M Series systems can be started in several minutes by turning a system key.