Rapid Dryer for Laboratory Glassware

Improve laboratory efficiency with C. Gerhardt’s Rapid Dryer. The Rapid Dryer uses filtered hot air to dry laboratory glassware in as little as six minutes


With a reputation for high-quality and unique design, the Rapid Dryer from Gerhardt is an essential instrument for your laboratory. The Rapid Dryer saves time and money by accelerating dry-time for glassware and drying up to 56 pieces of glassware in minutes. As an accessory with a vertical design, and lightweight benefits, the Rapid Dryer is a must-have.


Save Time, Money & Benchtop Space 

With an advanced accessory like the Rapid Dryer, technicians are able to allocate their time to essential laboratory projects, rather than drying glassware. By filtering hot air and rotatable air nozzles, staff will never have to take the time to manually dry beakers or tubes.

Compact & Efficient

With a vertical design and small base, which is less than 15×15 inches, the Rapid Dyer reserves minimal benchtop space and is operated on an electric timer. The air nozzles can filter cold or hot air, depending on user preference. With 24 air nozzles capable of holding The timer can be set for a specific amount of time ranging from 0 to 120 minutes, or set at “Unlimited,” which allows the dryer to run non-stop. As a light-weight accessory, the Rapid Dryer can be easily moved throughout the laboratory if necessary. 


Rapid Dryer Laboratory Glassware Features and Specifications:

  • Capable of simultaneously drying up to 56 tubes in just 6-15 minutes with filtered hot air. 
  • Rotating dryer attachment (24 nozzles with 16 mm diameter and 32 nozzles with 11 mm diameter). The maximum temperature in the tubes is approximately 50 °C. 
  • The option of cold or hot operation
  • Electric timer with varying durations from 0 – 120 minutes 
  • Lightweight and easy to move. The instrument weighs 12 kg, or 26.5 pounds
  • Tall, vertical design, which reserves minimum benchtop space. The dryer stands 15 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 45 inches high