TURBOTHERM Rapid Digestion System

Quickly analyze nitrogen and protein with Gerhardt’s fully-automated TURBOTHERM® Rapid Digestion System, which uses infrared technology for rapid and even heating. 

The TURBOTHERM® Block Heating System provides rapid, precise, even heating and quick cooling for a variety of sample matrices. The system is easily programmable with onboard interface. Digest up to 12 samples simultaneously and precisely controlled temperatures. 

Vessels are available in a variety of sizes that can be inserted directly into a VAPODEST system for the distillation step after the digestion is complete, eliminating cross-contamination from sample transfer. The TURBOTHERM may also for use as a multifunctional, programmable hotplate for inorganic acid digestion.


  • Infrared technology for rapid heating
  • Digest a wide variety of sample types
  • Utilizes infrared technology for faster heating
  • Use 100- to 800-ml digestion tubes
  • Programmable
  • Ideal for highly foaming samples (e.g. sewage or sludge)
  • Easily handles large sample weights and volumes
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