XROS ED X-ray fluorescent spectrometer


XROS ED X-ray fluorescent spectrometer


XROS ED is а new model of а bench-top energy dispersive X-ray fluorescent spectrometer for qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis from Na to U of solid, liquid, and powdered substances.



XROS ED is а multifunctional personal analyzer that meets modern requirements – expressive and accuracy of analysis, analytical flexibility, compactness, efficiency, security.

Wide range of applications





  • forensics

  • ecology

  • geology

  • mining industry

  • metallurgy

  • secondary metallurgy

  • chemistry and petrochemistry

  • jewelry industry

  • agriculture and food industry


Basic configuration includes

  • analytical unit with helium or vacuum system
  • automated filter-changing
  • detector for registration of non-coherent scattered radiation
  • video camera for the sample control
  • demountable autosampler
  • advanced software and methodological support for a wide range of issues in basic and applied research

Convenient user interface

The software interface includes two user-defined parts: the mode of measurement and treatment research.

The original algorithms and programs for mathematical processing and modeling of the spectra and the background to improve the accuracy of the analysis:

  • regression methods: linear regression, Lucas-Tooth, Cleisse-Quintin and Lachance-Traill with alpha-correction
  • standard background method using incoherently scattered radiation
  • method of fundamental parameters (including the reference-free)
  • possibility of adding software with modules to solve specific problems (specialized methods of analysis, identification, sorting, grading, etc.)


X-ray source


  • X-ray tube anode material – Rh (Мо, Ag, W on request)
  • voltage: 10-50 kV, step 0.1 kV
  • current 0.1-1 mA, step 10 µA 
  • power – up to 50 W
  • automated compensation of the X-ray tube changes during operation
  • air-cooled with temperature control


Detector system

  • SDD detector
  • entrance window: Be, 8 µm (polymer on request)
  • energy resolution 155 eV on Mn Кα (5.9 eV) line
  • detected energy – from 1 keV
  • number of sampling levels – up to 8192
  • maximum count rate – up to 50 000 cps
  • non-coherent scattered radiation detector – Si-pin photodiode

Beam path

  • Automatic filter changer (10 pos):

0.05 mm Zr, 0.01 mm Ti, 0.03 mm and 0,05 mm Мо, 0.02 mm Ag, 0.02 and 0.3 mm Al, PVC, 0.1 and 0.04 mm Сu

The choice of material and filter thickness is to be agreed with the customer.

  • X-ray collimation from 1 mm to 8 mm


  • three-coordinate manipulator with sample holder capture system
  • sample holders for solid, liquid and powder samples
  • sample holders with an internal diameter of 41 and 35 mm for measuring with the rotation of the sample
  • holders for simultaneous installation of two cells with а diameter of 20 mm, three cells – of 16 mm or six cells – of 10 mm
  • adjustments for measuring of the samples with the size of 1 mm
  • sample holders installed in replaceable trays
  • two trays with 12 slots in each, simultaneous installation of up to 144 samples

Measuring chamber 

  • volume – 200 ml, 
  • pump downtime / Не filling time – 20 sec 
  • the removable upper part of the measuring chamber for analysis of samples of any shape and size