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XROS MF30 – laboratory X-ray microscope-microprobe

XROS MF30 – laboratory X-ray microscope-microprobe for studies of the objects by the methods of the optical microscopy, radiography, local element XRF microanalysis with the possibility of the element mapping.

Instrument features:

  • microfocus X-ray tube
  • polycapillary lens for making of an x-ray probe with the variable size
  • set of primary radiation filters 
  • video-camera for selection of the analysis area 
  • optical digital microscope for investigation of the analysis area
  • optical microscope axis combined with an x-ray probe axis
  • automated system for selection of the work distance
  • automated X, Y-coordinate sample stage for positioning and scanning of the analysis area
  • automated movement of the analytical unit along Z-axis 
  • detector for radiographic studies 
  • silicon drift detector for local XRF analysis 
  • evacuated measuring chamber for the analysis of light elements
  • built-in autonomous system for water-cooling of an X-ray tube



  • high-voltage generator
  • sample and beam positioning
  • vacuum


local elemental analysis and elemental mapping

  • calibration with a single certified sample
  • a calibration curve with several certified samples
  • determination of energy and intensities of characteristic lines
  • qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis (fundamental parameter method)
  • spectra comparing and searching for analogs from the spectra library
  • element mapping of a user-defined sample area
  • spectra and mapping results storing to data file
  • comparison, subtraction, normalization of the stored spectra
  • overlay spectra mapping image results on optical and radiographic images
  • automatic analysis at user-defined points of a sample



  • digital brightness and contrast control
  • zooming
  • measurement of the distance between image points


logging and data storage

  • storing images in a database
  • saving measurement results and export to other Windows programs
  • digitized images record to external media
  • images and protocols printing


1. block of primary radiation changeable filters (12 filters)

2. x-ray tube

3. built-in water cooling system

4. silicon drift detector

5. review video саmега

6. optical microscope axis combined with the axis of the microprobe (automatic adjustment of sharpness)

7. optical microscope (manual adjustment of sharpness)

8. sample ХY-stage with аn accuracy of 10 μm   

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