Chandler Model 5265MG Mechanical Gel Strength


Chandler Model 5265MG Mechanical Gel Strength

A Critical Tool for Oil Well Drilling and Cementing
The Chandler Engineering Model 5265MG Gel Strength Analyzer is an addition to Chandler Engineering’s world leading line of cement testing equipment. The need to measure gel development, gel duration and gel strength are critical in the design of cement slurries. The Model 5265MG allows an operator to study the development and resulting gel strength throughout the gel phase of cement slurries. This tool equips the operator with the knowledge required to improve slurry designs and to meet the critical requirements of well placement.

The Chandler Engineering Model 5265MG measures the onset of gel strength as well as the continued development of the gel strength. A precision motor coupled with a reaction force transducer allows the instrument to measure the phase changes. The motor is capable of extremely accurate step motion down to 0.2 degrees per minute while measuring gel strength and up to 150 RPM while conditioning the slurry. The motor is coupled to the driven paddle using a magnetically coupled shaft keeping the motor and measurement electronics outside of the high pressure/high temperature environment within the cylinder. The torque transducer performs measurement throughout a broad range of force from 10 lbf/100 ft² up to 1500 lbf/100 ft². The cylinder is designed for insertion into an existing Chandler Engineering Model 4265 UCA or Model 5265 SGSA, making use of existing instrumentation.

The Model 5265MG provides versatile and adaptable technology. The measurement principle includes a motor Start/Stop method for Gel Strength determination. As an added function, the motor may be run at a continuous rate if desired by the operator. The geometry of the paddle is industry specific or may be adapted to other geometries as needed. Operating temperatures up to 400ºF (204ºC) and operating pressures up to 20,000 psi (138 MPa) provide full well bore simulation.


  • Independent cylinder for use with existing UCA’s and SGSA’s
  • 0.2 degrees/min up to 150 RPM motor speed range
  • Reaction torque measurement from 10 lbf/100ft² up to 1500 lbf/100ft²
  • Operating temperature up to 400ºF (204ºC)
  • Operating Pressure up to 20,000 psi (138 MPa)
  • Chandler Engineering Model 5270 Data Acquisition Software

Regulatory: Designed to meet ASME, CE/PED and NRTL Certifications
API RP10B-6 Compliant

Sample Environment: 
Maximum Pressure: 20000 psi / 138 MPa
Maximum Temperature: 400°F / 204°C

Pressure Vessel:
Same external diameter as UCA or SGSA vessels
Accessory to Model 4265 UCA, Model 5265 SGSA
Elastomer and metal backup ring seals (Viton)

Sample Characteristics: Oil well cements

SGS Measurement System:
Flat paddle design, shaft mounting adaptable to other paddle geometry
Rotated paddle, measured reaction torque scaled to SGS
Accuracy: ±1% of F.S. or better
Moment arm and load cell
Easy to use calibration feature

Motor System:
Magnetic coupling to paddle shaft
Programmable motor system designed to implement the
Start/Stop method for determining SGS API10B-6 and ISO 10426-6
Paddle speed range: 0.2 degrees/min – 150 RPM

Temperature Control: Programmable PID Controller (built into UCA or SGSA)

Pressure Control (Pump and Valve):
Internal air/liquid pump and back pressure regulator
Pressure control accuracy ±500 psi of F.S.
Optional external Q5000 Quizix series pump system
Pressure control accuracy: ±25 psi of F.S

Pressurizing Fluid: 

Data Acquisition and Control System:
Chandler Engineering 5270 Data Acquisition Software including motor control, SGS measurement, calibration features
Instrument Utilities: Power: 115 or 230 VAC, ±10%, 50 or 60Hz

System Documentation:
System Operation Manuals
Wiring Diagram
Plumbing Diagram
Assembly Drawings
Replacement and Spare Parts Lists

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