Chandler Model 7025 Dual Cell HPHT Consistometer



Chandler Model 7025 Dual Cell HPHT Consistometer

Model 7025 Dual Cell HPHT Consistometer
A Critical Tool for Oil Well Cementing
The Model 7025 is designed for busy laboratories involved in: oil well cement research, research and testing of cement additives, cement quality assurance and the research and field laboratories of well service companies. This instrument can simultaneously perform two independent cement thickening time tests under a variety of downhole well conditions.The Model 7025 combines the functionality of two high pressure high temperature (HPHT) consistometers into a single, smaller system. This saves valuable lab space.

Proven Long-Term Performance
The Model 7025 design is one of Chandler Engineering’s most proven consistometers. Hundreds of units are in operation globally. Experience with these rugged instruments has demonstrated that their service lifespan is one of the longest of any consistometer with normal, routine maintenance. Every unit is tested extensively at the factory with standard cement to ensure that the instrument meets API / ISO requirements.

Operational Simplicity
The Model 7025 Pressurized Consistometer is simple to operate with all of the operational controls conveniently located on the front panel. The unit is designed so that closure, heating and pressurization can be
achieved quickly. The slurry cup drive automatically rotates the cup at the required, standard rate of 150 rpm.
Indicators for test time, consistency, pressure and temperature are readily visible on the front panel of the unit. A chart recorder automatically tracks the temperature and viscosity measurements during a test.

The usefulness of the Model 7025 Consistometer is not limited to the standard testing of cement thickening time. It can also be used to prepare slurries for other tests such as measuring free water content, testing for fluid loss or rheological properties and viscosity. For enhanced research and testing capabilities, the 7025 can be equipped with an external chiller for performing tests at deep-water temperatures.

  • Specifications



    • Two Independently Operated Test Cells
    • Built-In Chart Recorder
    • Accurate Temperature & Pressure Controllers with
      Multi-Slope Gradient Capability
    • Adjustable Viscosity Alarm
    • Magnetic Drive
    • High Temperature, Metal Pressure-Vessel O-ring
    • External Chiller Connections


    Maximum Temperature: 400ºF / 204ºC
    Maximum Pressure: 25,000 psi / 172 MPa
    Heater Power: 4000 Watts
    Slurry Cup Rotation Speed: 150 rpm
    Viscosity Range: 0 to 100 Bc (Bearden Units)
    Operating Temperature: 40 to 120ºF / 4 to 50ºC
    Pressure Medium: White Mineral Oil
    Data Acquisition: Digital chart recorder tracks temperature and consistency
    Compliance: API Spec10A / ISO 10426-1

    Cooling Water: 
    20-80 psi / 138 – 552 kPa; nominal flow 2 lpm
    Compressed Air: 75-125 psi / 517 – 862 kPa;
    Power Supply: 240 VAC ±15% 50/60 Hz 7.5 kVa

    Shipping Information
    56 in. x 38 in. x 75 in. / 143 x 96 x 190 cm
    Weight: 2400 lb / 1090 kg