RAMOS S120 Basic Confocal Raman Microscope

  • Versatile automated confocal Raman microscope
  • High throughput true confocal  design enabling submicron resolution
  • Research-level optical microscope with advanced techniques
  • Powerful software enables mapping of lines, areas, depth profiles, and cross-sectional slices
  • Compact footprint
  • Up to 2 lasers configurations
  • Edge or Bragg filters
  • Fully automated change of lasers, gratings with no additional system alignment
  • High-resolution color video camera for a sample observation
  • Research grade optical microscope
  • Raman optical module
  • Automated 3-position turret with mirrors for input/output radiation
  • Confocal laser microscope module (“Reflection” module)
  • Two-channel imaging spectrometer
  • Z piezo scanner
  • Manual or automated microscope stage



  • Measuring modes: laser confocal Raman microscope, Raman spectrum measurement
  • Spectral range: 60 – 4 500 cm-1
  • 532 nm laser configuration
  • Spectral resolution: 1.6 cm-1/pixel, spectral stability better than 0.5 cm-1
  • 4 000 pixels for high spectral resolution

Confocal module:

  • Spatial resolution: lateral resolution < 1 μm, optical axis resolution < 2 μm
  • CW 532 nm laser, 50 mW (power adjustable) with lifetime > 10 000 hours
  • Integrated cooled detector based on CCD.

Optical microscope and objectives:

  • Research grade microscope with 10x eyepiece. Configuration of 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x objective lenses
  • Color camera system which can display a stored image on PC with at least 5MP
  • High precision manual positioning system with precision in XY plane
  • Software package for instrument control, data collection and data processing

Optional items:


  • Possibility to equip with 785 nm long-lifetime semiconductor laser, 130 mW



  • Free of chromatic aberration in the whole spectrum range
  • Modular high stability design with possible future upgrades by laser
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