Solartron Ametek Dualstream 2

The Model 7025 is designed for busy laboratories involved in: oil well cement research, research and testing of cement additives, cement quality assurance and the research and field laboratories of well service companies. This instrument can simultaneously perform two independent cement thickening time tests under a variety of downhole well conditions.



Solartron Dualstream 2

Each gas condensate development has its own unique challenges. These may include
measuring gas rates to allocation standard, accurately detecting low levels of water
for hydrate mitigation, or optimizing production recovery from marginal fields.
The Dualstream family of wet gas meters is uniquely positioned to provide the
operator with the optimum “Life-of-Field” solution.
Solartron ISA’s unrivalled global experience ensures user confidence in the data that
Dualstream provide. Successfully installed and operated on over 300 gas
condensate fields, Dualstream is considered the benchmark for wet gas metering

Plug and Play Compact Design

Our latest design benefits from Solartron ISA’s unrivalled experience developed over
three decades in the engineering, installation and operation of wet gas flow meters.
Recent enhancements have been implemented to reduce installation time, improve
measurement performance and increase operational safety on wellheads and flow lines.

Measurement Application

Dualstream 2 is a 3-phase measurement for allocating or monitoring flow rates in gas
condensate wells. Typically used on a per well basis at the wellhead or in the flow line
on wells with high levels of liquids. Standard field instrumentation makes Dualstream
2 ideally suited to remote wellheads or unmanned platforms.
Common applications include tie-ins to existing infrastructure or new field development
where real-time high accuracy gas measurement is a fundamental operator requirement
and water measurement accuracy is required for efficient well operation.
Dualstream 2 replaces the need for test separators or tracer dilution techniques

Mode of Operation

When using a differential pressure (DP) device to measure wet gas flow rates, the
presence of liquids will cause the gas rate to over-read. A Dual DP technique is used
to measure high levels of liquids. The Pressure Loss ratio technique (PLR) is used to
measure water at high GVF. Condensate is determined via a PVT calculation. A proprietary correction algorithm is used to correct the gas flow rate and output a real-time
3-phase measurement.