Solartron Ametek Dualstream 3

The Model 7025 is designed for busy laboratories involved in: oil well cement research, research and testing of cement additives, cement quality assurance and the research and field laboratories of well service companies. This instrument can simultaneously perform two independent cement thickening time tests under a variety of downhole well conditions.


Solartron Ametek Dualstream 3

Wet Gas Combined With Water Fraction Measurement

The Dualstream 3 is the latest development in wet gas measurement for the upstream
oil and gas market. Solartron ISA engineers have used their extensive experience and
knowledge in wet gas flow behavior and added water fraction measurement to the
Dualstream family of meters. Dualstream meters have been successfully used around
the world in over 300 gas fields for solutions in hydrocarbon allocation and reservoir
The water fraction measurement utilizes a new unique approach developed especially
for wet gas applications. Using multi path sensors, the water fraction meter can obtain
an extremely accurate record of the liquid phase fractions for virtually any flow regime.
There are no probes or dead volume traps to worry about. The measurement sensor
is the only non-intrusive sensor available that can detect the water fraction across the
entire pipe diameter for wet gas flow.
The water fraction measurement coupled with Dualstream Venturi offers the simplest,
reliable method for wet gas. This makes it ideal for harsh or remote locations. There
are no regulative concerns as with sensors of radioactive sources.
Whether needed for allocation, reservoir optimization or detecting water breakthrough,
the Dualstream 3 is the new standard for a reliable solution to everyday problems in
wet gas measurement.

Plug and Play Compact Design

Our latest design benefits from Solartron ISA’s unrivalled experience developed over
three decades in the engineering, installation and operation of wet gas flow meters.
Recent enhancements have been implemented to reduce installation time, improve
measurement performance and increase operational safety on wellheads and flow lines.

Water Fraction Measurement

The next generation of the Dualstream meter development incorporates the newest
water fraction technology using multi path sensors to derive the phase fractions of the
fluid. It is designed to maintain accuracy in both oil and water continuous fluids and to
operate across the full liquid range of a gas condensate well.
By metering the multi phase fractions in real time the Dualstream 3 multi-path sensor
technology provides the gas, water and condensate flow rates for use in allocation of
hydrocarbon royalties and for economic optimization of gas reserves through generation
of real time production data including early measurement of water breakthrough for
inhibitor management


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