• Tel: +964 781 112 9119
  • Email: info@blueocean.iq

About Us

Blue Ocean General Trading Co. L.L.C

Blue Ocean Co., with the management of Dr. Hassan Al-Adib, has begun a professional and experienced team of experts in two areas: supply of goods (materials and equipment) and services (tourism, medicine and education).

1) Supply of goods

In the field of supply of goods, Blue Ocean’s main activities focus on the specialty trade and sales engineering approach in the following general issues:

  • Sales of equipment related to oil labs
  • Selling equipment related to materials specification
  • Sale of precision equipment
  • Sales of chemicals related to water and wastewater industries

2) Services

  • Laboratory services



مرحبا! إذا تحتاج مزید من المعلومات، أنا هنا.

× مرحبا! إذا تحتاج مزید من المعلومات، أنا هنا.